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The first rule of Print Club...

We all those ideas that sit with us for a while until we are ready to do something with them. Then we think that the ideas are ready and we try to launch them and they are not.

This is one of those ideas that I have been thinking about for a while now and finally it has emerged and ready for you all to see.

I would like to introduce you to Print Club. A yearly subscription service where the Print Clubbers, those who sign up to the club, receive a lino print every month, A4 sized, inspired by nature, access to a Print Clubbers group on my website. You will also receive a lino printing starter kit to start your own lino printing adventure and the hints and tips in the print clubbers area will support you on that adventure.

This is the first print for August and it was created at the start of the month and then printed and sent out middle of the month to the Print Clubbers.

Being part of Print Club means that you receive a Print Club only original Lino print called 'The first rule of Print Club...'

Print Club is ideal for people who find that my work really resonates with them. It works out at £25 per month for an original piece of art along with all the added extras of Print Clubbers Area, Lino printing starter kit and Special Edition Print Club print. It is great as a gift or to give the original art to people as gifts.

The lino prints for Print Club are inspired by nature and botanics, with a newly illustrated, carved and printed design every month.

It is £300 for the year, with this you get 12 original lino prints, 1 special edition lino print, access to Print Clubbers secret area on my website and a lino printing starter kit to start your own lino printing adventure.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Print Club.

Much love, Hannah xx

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