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About Hannah

Hannah Turlington

'No more apologies for the actions of others.

No more apologies for things I haven’t done.

No more apologies for my writing.

No more apologies for my work.

No more apologies for taking up space.

No more apologies for having a voice.

No more apologies for being me.

No fucking apologies.

Hannah Turlington


Hannah is an artist, whose creative practice is rooted in her own life experiences and vulnerability.


Hannah is resolute to her purpose and determined to work with an autoethnographic approach.


With her work centering on identity, conformity, motherhood and the fragility of human nature; she tells her own stories and encourages others to tell theirs.


Her emotive work creates opportunities to develop strong connections and conversations. Hannah is not afraid of her own vulnerability, as this is integral to the work and how she remains authentic.



Hannah’s practice began as a printmaker, focusing on nature’s tiny details, and moving towards becoming a professional fine artist, has allowed her to use her work to convey her deep thinking and intellectual processes. Hannah's work is rooted deeply in research and exploring the human condition.


Hannah is a reflective practitioner and uses numerous mediums to share her thinking. She works for the most part intuitively, select things that she feels at the time, considering the purpose after the work is completed. For example; using paint, ink, text, stitch and collage to create pieces that show fragility and rawness. The writing and the visual representation are symbiotic - inextricably linked to each other forever. 

Hannah exhibits her work regularly, and engages in open studios within Ryedale and North Yorkshire, where she lives. 


Hannah describes herself as an auto-ethnographer, telling the stories of her life and emotions. Her work is raw and vulnerable, with complex layering reinforcing the depth of her thinking. 

She works in a variety of mediums and she says that nothing is off the table. 

Hannah's process is driven by her writing and it is these words that inform her work, as she grounds herself solidly in the creative process. 

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