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Hold on...

The photographs that we take and the things that we collect tell the stories of our lives.

Sometimes we have to hold onto the things that we have collected and the photographs we have taken to ground us, especially when all around us has descended into chaos and confusion.

The many things that are in the world today, as I write this, are challenging for us to process and that feeling of helplessness can lead to us sinking.

There are things that I do when I feel that it could all slip into that sinking feeling.

- I love to wear bright lipstick ...not too bright but I worked with a very wise lady a long time ago and she said that if the going gets tough slap on the brightest lipstick you have an no one will ever know...and it will make you feel better.

- I love to wear as many colours as possible especially bright is so easy to slip into wearing the safe navy blue and I have to fight against it.

- And for I am a lino print fanatic I love to print in ‘Sonic Lipstick’ Pink... and amazing stay open ink from Hawthorn Printmakers in Murton, near York.

So for this month’s Print Club lino print I have chosen ‘Sonic Lipstick’ Pink as the colour for November. All of the images are hand-printed to order by me in my North Yorkshire studio. This image is inspired by the skeletal remnants of plants in the hedgerow and the garden.

And because I think we could all do with a bit of ‘Sonic Lipstick’ Pink in our lives I have put the November Print Club lino print available to buy on my website.

So let’s ‘Hold On’ to our stuff and get a bit of colour in our lives to find a way through the chaos and the clutter of the world at this time.

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