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Learn to Love Lino Printing

‘Learn to love lino printing’: Creative packs with online tuition by Hannah Turlington

‘Everyone loves an apron...’ is what I say when people ask me about my ‘Learn to Love Lino Printing’ creative packs with online demonstrations. I am a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, I believe that the greatest gift you can give someone are the skills to create something wonderful for their home.

My ‘Learn to Love Lino Printing’ packs give you all the materials you need to create fabulous hand printed projects along with demonstrations accessible online. The packs starting at £55 are brilliant to learn the skills to create amazing textiles for your home. You can choose from aprons, (who doesn’t love an apron?), tea towels, (always pretty yet practical), and tea light shades, (perfect for cosy wintery evenings).

Each pack includes; sketch book in my Pollination design, lino carving tools, lino block, tracing paper, fabric ink, sponge and a choice of apron, tea towel or tea light shade kit and fabric. The pack is delivered to your door and with it the details to access the online demonstrations especially recorded for you.

I am an experienced teacher who has taught printmaking workshops for 3 years as well as being a teacher for 21 years. My work is defined into 4 strands; fine art, design, workshops,(both online and face to face) and commissions. Sometimes it is not always possible to connect with others and take part in face to face workshops have been limited. I love teaching lino printing workshops and these packs I have created packs that encourage you to connect with your creativity in your own home.

I believe that teaching people to lino print is a magical thing. By giving people the skills to lino print opens doors for people to create home interior products for their homes that compliment their style.

My ‘Learn to Love Lino Printing’: Creative packs with online demonstration will appeal to craft lovers and perfect to give a special Christmas gift for loved ones.

‘Learn to Love Lino Printing’: Creative packs with online demonstrations are available on my website, , prices starting at £52.50, including postage and packaging.

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