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Looking for those signs of hope...

Hope means different things to different people and during turbulent times in our lives we cling onto those signs and that word Hope.

A dictionary definition of hope is:

'the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best'.

When used as a verb it means:

'to look forward to with desire and with reasonable confidence'


'to believe, desire or trust'.

At different times we look for those physical signs of hope, sometimes they are something tangible...sometimes they are a feeling.

Searching the internet I found reference to the Christian symbol of hope, the cross. Seen as a symbol of hope in Christianity.

A shining light is symbolic across lots of cultures and the key element that underpins the festival or ceremony; eg Diwali, Hanukah.

The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism, with a dove representing hope at the subsiding of the floods in the Old testament. Native Americans see the Yellow Butterfly as a symbol of hope.

Within nature there are always signs of hope, with certain plants and flowers being more associated with hope than others.

Chrysanthemums are a symbol hope in the US. Iris bulbs are given in Chinese Culture when given as a gift are a promise of the returning Spring.

Snow drops and anemones are symbols of the end of cold, dark days and the return of the sun.

Home Guides website, (see above), say that:

'Snowdrops make appropriate gifts for friends who are struggling with a difficult time, and represent the hope that the darkness will lift and the light will return soon'.

Creating 'Hope' has been the inspiration behind my original lino print. I wanted to create something that would resonate with lots of people.

We all need to search for those signs of hope and hold onto them tight so no one can take them away.

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