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The Art of Procrastination

What is it about being busy that makes us feel that we are achieving and that we have a definite purpose?

I am possibly the queen of procrastinating and I actively engage in anything other than what I need to do...I know that do this...and it frustrates the life out of me...and those that really know me well.

I think there is a misconception that to procrastinate is to be lazy however for me when I procrastinate I crank it up a gear and go into productivity increases but in areas that are within my comfort zone. So currently procrastination surrounds my need to create digital designs that can be used in surface pattern applications...but I am doing anything but that!! As I write my mind is wandering to thinking of my next lino composition...

This blog has taken many attempts to write for a number of reasons, one being procrastination but I think there is a fine line between procrastinating and genuinely needing rest. As I write this I am sat on a picnic rug beside the rippling stream where mu children are playing in the water in the baking hot sun, (sun cream and hats a plenty!!).

For the past few days I haven't done anything related to lino and I thought that I was procrastinating,,,as usual...but in retrospect it was me tired and needing to stop and generally cut myself a bit of slack. We think that others are hard on us however the worst people are ourselves...we are always comparing ourselves to others and shying away from things when they are too tricky so for me that is procrastination. I feel that we procrastinate more when we need validation for ourselves or when our confidence is not enough to get us to try something else or push ourselves out of our comfort zone and into un-chartered territory.

So procrastination is an art form and actually we think that it is that which stops us fulfilling our potential but it is the underlying reasons that prevent us. The term/word/ connotations of the word actually masks what is really going on and we need to explore the reasons for the procrastination. These may be; feeling the need to be validated, needing to summon inner strength and confidence to tackle news things, or rest, regroup, reflect, get perspective and regroup your thoughts.

Recognise when you are procrastinating and reflect on your reasons for it and plan your course of action!!!!

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