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The Light of the Fractured - May 2023

by Hannah Turlington

As I search for me, I have to hold my space...the space I hold prevents the interruptions- the advice – the warnings – the suggestions – the telling – the others.

Holding the space – holding my space keeps me sacred – keeps the time that I have sacred – it protects me from the need to conform and please.

Within the space I capture the light. I see the light within the fractured elements of my life.

When I hold my space – set my boundaries – I have the capacity – I have the power to see the light in the fractured.

My life is about softness and empathy and understanding – my creative soul has been tortured by the trauma of my experiences. It has made my work tortured – dark – and unable to reflect my soul.

The emotion, the trauma, the stress, the pleasing, the conforming had stopped me revealing my soul ... my precious and delicate soul.

My power is in my words – they hold the key to my work – they explain the depth of my work – the depths of my soul.

I will not shy away from challenge and I will allow myself the space and time, to write, to feel my way out into the other side – releasing the light in the fractured existence.

Writing in the light of the fractured, Hannah xx

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