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Working towards adopting the 'Multi-Hyphen' life.

We are always evolving because we have to respond / adapt, sometimes immediately, to challenges that life throw at us. Usually these adaptations are not done by choice but in response to the actions of others and their impact.

However if we don't have to respond / adapt, we typically opt for that status quo, the path of least resistance and we don't set to make changes for ourselves - we just whinge about it. I don't know if this resonates with you but this is the situation that certainly applies to me!!

I have spent years wishing that I had taken an alternative path and begrudging decisions that I felt that I had very little control over. I probably think that I have spent years wishing that things would change rather than taking action and be a force for change - so the change is within us. This change or these changes that we set out to do are hard work, petrifying, mentally challenging and destabilising.

For me it was 3 years ago when change started to happen and the only person that has driven the change is me and through this process I have actually found that I can do more and at times I have actually surprised myself. (At this point I will say I have an amazingly supportive husband- who has just sold his pride and joy...VW T4 camper van to support the dream!)

So when I read Jane Foster's Instagram post about her change and redirection , it really struck me that there were actually lots of people like me. And more importantly people like me who had actually changed, taken a risk and rather than creating instability it has given clarity, a sense of purpose and calm within their lives.

Jane Foster talked about a book called 'The Multi-Hyphen Method' by Emma Gannon. The tag line on the front cover of this book is 'Work less, create more and design a career that works for you'. I needed the book and it in my Amazon basket as soon as I had finished reading her post. Oh the wonders or rather the curse of an Amazon shopping basket. So as I write this blog I am about to start the final chapter but ironically the first chapter in my new 'Multi-Hyphenate' life as I approach the final three weeks of full time work and emerge myself in earning money from my printing in my additional time.

I think that the main points that I have taken so far is that; you haven't got to be hard on yourself, adopt a different pace, enjoy working on multiple projects on the go at the same time. Also Emma talks about the need to build a community around you so that you are not isolated, as social media and the internet are great however you need to be in real life and build relationships with like minded people.

There are things that will enable me to develop this method, such as networking with like minded people and businesses, sharing the the things that I do without self criticism ... and practically an organised space to work and store my products and prints.

It is never too late to make a change and for me turning 40 this year has prompted me to start a new way of thinking about earning streams. So come September when people ask me what I do I will reply ...teacher - lino artist - surface pattern designer - market stall trader... and whatever else comes along!!

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