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Aching: is a handstitched piece that depicts my own writing. 


Handstitched onto silk screen printing mesh and stitched onto vintage french bedsheet, which came from my husband's french grandma's house. 


It is hand stitched onto the frame with matching thread to the stitched text. 


It is 25cm by 25cm and each piece on the series is unique. 


It is from a larger body of work titled 'The Quiet Disruption of the Stitch'. 

'I thought this was about something different - I thought there was a disconnect, a jarring between medium and message - I thought it was a self absorbed folly - but it isn't - it is a testament to women - to the socio-political conditioning that women have faced since they began stitching - a testament to the expectations and restrictions placed upon women as they picked up the needle - a testament to the hours fireside and in candlelight - a testament to the worth of the female voice - a testament to the value of my voice - a testament to my power - so watch as I quietly disrupt.'



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