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This is a beautifully hand printed bag, using two types of printing methods, screen and mono. Each bag is unique in its appearance with strong black straps, to coordinate with the screen printed text, and lined with stunning cerise lining. 


The bags are 45cm by 45cm and made from 100% industrial workwear cotton, hand made in Saltaire, for me the The Stitch Society. 


Each bag is an individual piece of wearable art with only a few made. 


This tote bag was designed and made after many hours of reading around identity and how we are taught to conform and continue to do so.  

'Fxxk Conformity' is for me a way of connecting with your authentic self and being who you want to be and making the art that you want to make. 


It is designed to be worn on the shoulder its strong cotton fabric and lining make it incredibly durable.


Are you ready to wear one? 


Fxxk Conformity Tote Bag

  • Hand wash or sponge clean only.

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